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Hiking // Reach the very top of Pittsburgh with this stunning hike // USA

Mount Washington is the best way to discover Pittsburgh in one day...

Pittsburgh really does have it all when it comes to sport and adventure.

The city in western Pennsylvania packs a punch when it comes to activities for adventure seekers and has an equal amount of live sport for sport lovers.

It's no surprise that Pennsylvania has the most open trails in the USA. In Pittsburgh alone, there are a multitude of trails to hike close to the city - including the wonderful Mount Washington.

Situated on the south side of of Pittsburgh, the trails that weave through the woodlands are a breath of fresh air compared to downtown life, but equally still close enough so you can get the best of both worlds.

You'll take the Duquesne Incline from river level to reach the Emerald View Park trail, which begins at the Points of View statue - a walk to your right once disembarked from the incline.

It is both at the top of the funicular railway and at Points of View that the incredible vista of Pittsburgh are visible.

*TIP: Head up to these high points later in the day as the view can be a little foggy, together with the sun rising from the east that makes the views back to the city not 100% clear in the mornings.

From the start point and to follow my footsteps, you'll take the Emerald View trail into the woodlands and follow the path to your right. After around an hour or so walking this moderate trail you will come to an opening and the path will take you to a road named Greenleaf Street.

It is this road that will lead you down to the West End Bridge. The bridge will mean a pause to the tranquility of the woodlands, but you will get amazing views of Pittsburgh's three rivers and once over one of Pittsburgh's 446 bridges, you will then join the Three Rivers Heritage trail.

This will lead you back towards downtown Pittsburgh past some of America's most iconic sporting venues. Heinz Field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers and PNC Park, where the Pittsburgh Pirates play will both come into view on your left with the river and more great views of the city on your right.

Eventually, you will come to the end of this walking expedition at the Roberto Clemente Bridge. From here you are back in the heart of downtown where you can continue your exploring.


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