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Walking // Discover Dubai's origins with this Dubai Creek walking loop // United Arab Emirates

Dubai Creek was fundamental in setting Dubai up to become the metropolis it now is...

  • Immerse yourself in Dubai's old town with this walking loop

  • Ride on the traditional Dubai Abra water taxi's

  • Find amazing waterside cafes and explore the old souks

So, this week may not be the most exhilarating adventure we are going to go on together but Dubai Creek is still an important story to tell. Without it, Dubai probably would not exist as we know it today.

The best way to explore Dubai's origins is on foot and I was very keen to share with you the walking loop I love to do around this inlet of water that essentially enabled Dubai to become a thriving fishing and pearl diving port in the 19th century, setting it up to become the global metropolis it is today.

A guide to my Dubai Creek Walking Loop

I go through some of the Creek's history and the reasons for it being so important in the video but here is a guide to the loop I take so you can follow in my footsteps, or at least use it as a base to your own walking trail.

Get a taxi to, or park at Dubai Museum. There is parking available at the standard Dubai parking rates.

From Dubai Museum, cross the road into the narrow alleys that make up the Bur Dubai souks. If you head in a straight direction from the car park into the souks, you will come out at the water's edge where you will find the creek side cafe, Mazmi.

This is a perfect location to sit back with a coffee and watch the hustle and bustle of the Creek take place in front of you.

Once you are ready to get moving, head back into the alleys of the souk but head west - after a few twists and turns you will come to the Old Souk Abra Station.

From here, you can hop on an Abra for just 1 Dirham and head across the water to the Al Sabkha Abra Station on the Deira side of the Creek.

For this Abra journey, you simply just give the Abra captain your 1 Dirham once onboard.

From here, you can venture into the Gold Souks or simply wonder up and down the water's edge, taking in the hundreds of Abra's parked up and the cargo vessels that still use the Creek for trade.

Once you are ready to return to the south side of the Creek, this time you need to buy a ticket from the ticket office and ask for a one way journey to Al Fahidi.

It's a short hop, but for an unknown reason, this leg costs 2 Dirhams.

Once you are back on the Bur Dubai side, you can then follow the water's edge back down to the Mazmi cafe where you can finish your loop with another coffee, or head back to Dubai Museum where you can get a taxi or return to your car.

My advice, head into Dubai Museum to discover more about Dubai's phenomenal growth.

This Dubai Creek walking loop is a lovely inner-city mini adventure and whilst Dubai is famed for its glitz and glamour, exploring the Creek is a wonderful way to understand just how the city began it's long journey towards becoming a truly global city.

Of course, this route is just what I have always enjoyed doing whenever I visit Dubai Creek, but you can go off in different directions wherever you like - the souks can certainly become a maze you may find yourself in for quite some time.

Thanks for watching and I hope you find some time to explore Dubai Creek soon.


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