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Baseball // How to get the cheapest tickets for a New York Yankees game // USA

Yankee's fans give their tips on how best to attend the Yankee Stadium...

If you are a lover of live sport and visiting New York City, you can't visit New York and not go to a Yankees game. Supporting the Yankees is close to being a religion in the city.

As New Yorkers will tell you, its the one team that represents them. Without the Yankees, New York is not New York. It's a tradition for most in the city, it's a sporting franchise that is woven into the lives of those that support the team and a live sporting experience that shouldn't be missed.

I spoke to Yankees fans outside of the Yankee Stadium and asked them what you should know before attending a game. It can be difficult to know the local tricks and tips if you are only visiting... so in the video above you will get advice on:

- The cheapest tickets to get

- The best directions to take to get to Yankee Stadium

- What you can and can't bring into the stadium

- The best place to be positioned inside the stadium - this goes hand in hand on with the cheapest ticket category!

There is no doubting how passionate fans are for their Yankees. They may not be going through a golden era, but the experience of being in this stadium soaking up the atmosphere, the energy, the American sporting experience and of course, getting yourself a New York Yankees hat is not to be missed.


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