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Adventure // 3 inner-city adventures to do in New York City // USA

You don't have to travel far when looking for adventures in New York City...

New York City can be frantic and feel like an urban hob where adventures are far away, but with these 3 adventures in the city you will feel like a proper explorer and be ready for a well earned meal and drink in the evening.

Central Park Rowing

I started in Central Park for a morning row. It's worth checking the times of the rowing boats on the lake in the park, they can change often, but late morning at the weekends and you should be set.

You'll need to take cash with you as that is the only payment they'll except. It's $20 for the boat which can take up to 4 people. You'll also need to take $20 in cash for a deposit - if you go over your one-hour allotted time, money will be deducted from the deposit - so keep an eye on the time!

It's a great location to be on the water, even though the lake can get busy, there is plenty of room and to sit back, take in Central Park, the Manhattan skyline and people-watch until your heart is content... which you'll find it is after an hour.

One note about rowing in Central Park - peaceful yes, relaxing yes, perfect photo opportunity, yes - the only (and it's a small thing) little aspect that gets in the way of your serene surroundings is the noise of the oars! You'll see what I mean in the video.

Cycling Brooklyn Bridge

My second adventure of the day was a cycle across Brooklyn Bridge.

From your Central Park row, get the Green 6 Subway towards Downtown to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall from 77th St - which is a couple of blocks east of the park in line with the lake.

I downloaded the Citi Bike app which is free and there is a bike station right when you come out of the Subway at City Hall.

Once you have your mode of transport - you have an option of electric and normal bicycles - you are then straight onto the cycle lane and footpath that takes you across Brooklyn Bridge.

A word of warning, you need to have your wits about you! There are people everywhere at times, and even though the footpath and cycle lane are meant to be separate, inevitably people walk on the cycle lane meaning you'll be weaving in and out of lots of walkers.

Watch out for very quick cyclists too who will race up behind you.

Never-the-less, it's a great little adventure and once you are at the Brooklyn side, you can check the app to see where the closest bike station is with free spaces. The cost of this little adventure? It all depends on how long you cycle for, but for me it was 50 minutes and a cost of just over $7.

Walk the High Line

Lastly, and this is perfect after the assertions of rowing and cycling, is a gentle late afternoon stroll along the High Line which begins around the new Hudson Yards development in West Manhattan.

The High Line is an old disused elevated railway line, it went into disrepair for many years until it was transformed into an inner-city oasis and walking path.

This adventure is free, about 1.5 miles long and a superb way to soak up the city as the sun gets lower in the sky. There are plenty of places to sit and just let the world happen in front of you. There are some good bars at the end of the line, which you can't miss should you feel like you deserve a beverage after your day of NYC adventures.

All three of these adventures cost a total of $27, which is great value for a day of activities in NYC!


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