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Adventure // 3 amazing adventures to explore in Khor Fakkan // United Arab Emirates

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

The UAE's east coast city of Khor Fakkan is a playground for adventure seekers

  • Hike the fabulous Al Rabi Mountain trail to reach the UAE's 'Table Mountain'

  • Kayak around the Al Rafisah Lake surrounded by stunning mountain landscapes

  • Walk the Wadi Shees nature trail and witness 3000 year-old history in all its glory

Khor Fakkan is perhaps not the most famous city in the United Arab Emirates but don't let that stop you exploring this Indian Ocean coastal destination. It is a stunning adventure location.

Khor Fakkan has something for everyone from hiking, fresh water walks and stunning lake kayaking.

Al Rabi Tower - the start point for the Al Rabi Mountain Trail

I'm actually quite surprised not more people know about Khor Fakkan, or at the very least be aware of the adventures on offer there.

It is within a 90-minute drive from Dubai, and as well as the adventures on offer, is home to a gorgeous beach, hotels and a thriving local community.

Khor Fakkan is also home to some fascinating stories about the UAE's past, from the city's former Portuguese rule to a perfect walk exploring the pristine Falaj system that was built over 3000 years ago to supply fresh water to local farms and villages, located at Wadi Shees.

In the above video, I give you an insight into the adventure highlights in Khor Fakkan and to read and watch more on each specific adventure, you can click on the links below.

My three best Khor Fakkan adventures:

Wadi Shees Nature Trail

This stunning nature trail will take you out of the desert and into lush green landscapes surrounded by fresh flowing water, all year round. Discover the over 3000 year-old technology that keeps the water flowing whilst escaping the desert terrain.

Reasons to walk the Wadi Shees Nature Trail

  • Family friendly

  • A brilliant insight into how communities 3000 years ago channeled fresh rain water from the mountain tops to villages and farmland

  • Flowing fresh water all year round can be found here, a rare sight and sound in the UAE!

  • 30-40 minutes long, an easy walk for everyone

  • Full of vegetation, friendly locals

Al Rabi Mountain Trail

The best summit hike in the UAE in my opinion. This hiking trail is superb, with easy to follow tracks that are well signposted, amazing views of Khor Fakkan, the Indian Ocean and the Hajar Mountains and a taste of history with the starting point at Al Rabi Tower. This is a UAE hike that everyone should do.

Reasons to hike the Al Rabi Mountain Trail

  • A stunning summit overlooking the Indian Ocean, Khor Fakkan and Hajar Mountains

  • Moderately challenging but suitable for anyone with a base level of fitness

  • Easy to follow tracks that are well signposted with incredible views all around

  • Superb views of Khor Fakkan Container Port, the region's only natural deep-sea port

  • 3-4 hours round trip

  • Within 90 minutes from Dubai along the S142. No 4x4 needed

Alkhor Kayak

A spectacular kayaking location in the UAE, and cheaper than some of the other kayaking destinations in the country. What makes Alkhor Kayak really stand out is the facilities around the lake including a brilliant cafe terrace overlooking the water, an ice cream shop, washrooms, parking and viewing decks.

Reasons to kayak at Alkhor Kayak

  • Really well priced with comfortable kayaks that can fit two adults and one child

  • Located just outside Khor Fakkan at the Al Rafisah Dam

  • Stunning cafe overlooking the lake

  • Washrooms, shops and viewing decks all available

I hope you enjoy your visit to Khor Fakkan!


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