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Kayak in Downtown Dubai with stunning views of Dubai's Burj Khalifa // United Arab Emirates

Taking in the sights of Downtown Dubai whilst on the water creates a unique experience...

  • A range of water activities are available on Burj Lake

  • Family-friendly with children aged 3+ allowed

  • Water bikes, swan boats and kayaks available to rent

Downtown Dubai is one of the world's most spectacular city locations, and I've often thought it would be nice to enjoy Burj Lake - the body of water that sits at the bottom of the Burj Khalifa - whilst on the water.

And now you can, thanks to a section of the lake being opened up to water activities such as kayaking, water bikes and swan boats.

Admittedly, once I had booked I had thought the entire lake would be open to kayak around and I was looking forward to exploring every corner of the centrepiece lake of Downtown Dubai.

Knowing that it would be a sea-through kayak I'd be using, I had visions of floating over the top of the Dubai Fountain water jets (whilst no fountain shows were happening, obviously) and passing underneath the famous Burj Lake bridge that leads from Dubai Mall across to Souk Al Bahar.

However, and I can only admit that my mind perhaps got a little too adventurous as I booked, because in actual fact, you'll be contained in a small area of the lake on the south side.

That does make sense of course, the Dubai Fountains begin their shows around midday, so it would be a little dangerous to let people kayak around water jets that shoot water 73 metres in the air!

This little mini inner-city adventure however is still a pretty good way to soak up the sights and sounds of Downtown Dubai. You'll get 30 minutes on your activity of choice and in a time of social distancing, getting yourself onto a kayak, floating around and looking up to the incredible array of skyscrapers is a nice calming way of experiencing one of the world's most iconic downtown areas.

To book your tickets click here.

Prices start at AED40 for the toddler Duck Boats and Flamingo's and kayaking costs AED80 when booking online.


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