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Interview // Hiking Jebel Jais with 'Extreme Treks' host Ryan Pyle // United Arab Emirates

Talking about the natural beauty of the UAE mountains and the adventures possible in the country...

To celebrate the news that the Highlander series of hiking trails is coming to the UAE, I had a conversation with TV adventurer, Ryan Pyle as we hiked Jebel Jais and reached the UAE's highest public point for sunset.

Ryan is an ambassador for the Highlander hiking trails and as he is currently based in the UAE during the pandemic, it seemed only fitting that we experienced some of what will become the UAE's Highlander trail in Ras Al Khaimah.

We talked about his love for the Highlander hiking trails, what he thinks of the UAE mountains and some of the most incredible trails he has embarked on whilst filming his 'Extreme Treks' series across multiple destinations.

New trails at Jebel Jais

There are also some new hiking trails on the upper Ghaf trail on Jebel Jais. These new walkways mean you no longer have to walk on the road for the short stretch which you used to have to do.

These new walkways open up a whole new level of panoramic views to the north, as you will see in this video.

Huge thanks to Ryan for his time and I hope you enjoy the video.

For more information on the Highlander trail coming to the UAE click here


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