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Golf // Dubai's new Topgolf experience is the perfect mix of sport and socialising // UAE

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Topgolf is Dubai's newest sporting venue and a must-visit experience for friends and family

  • 96 hitting bays can accommodate over 1,000 players

  • Each hitting bay accommodates 6 people

  • Dubai Marina provides the perfect backdrop

  • Prices start from AED130 per hour

  • Topgolf Dubai is a great experience for everyone, not just golfers

Dubai loves its golf! And Topgolf Dubai only reinforces how strong the city has become as a golfing destination.

Now, I'm by no means a good golfer. But here's the great part - you don't have to be when visiting Topgolf Dubai. It's that simple. It's less about the game, and more about the experience.

Think 10-pin bowling and you're on the right track, only with a driving range instead of bowling isles and a club instead of a bowling ball.

Okay, so travel is still not a very viable option right now is it? So, best to stay put and seek out the stand-out experiences closer to home. Good news then that Topgolf Dubai has opened and is an incredible entertainment destination.

And thinking about it, Topgolf Dubai actually provides many aspects that many of you will enjoy on holiday. Great views of a city skyline, a perfect sunset (if you visit from around 5pm), F&B, a sporting activity and a laugh with friends and family.

Who needs to fly away, ay? My golf ball certainly wasn't that's for sure, it was more trickling slowly away from my many mis-hot shots.

What is Topgolf Dubai?

Topgolf Dubai is a brilliant and fun driving range, but built with the aim of providing a great social experience instead of hours and hours of perfecting your golf swing.

There are 96 climate-controlled hitting bays, each accommodating six people and equipped with your tee-off position, clubs, sofas and a table as well as digital screens to guide you through various different interactive games.

Each game involves you aiming for various targets laid out in front of you on the range.

Topgolf Dubai at Emirates Golf Club

Dubai's Topgolf venue is located at Emirates Golf Club and faces the incredible skyline of Dubai Marina meaning not only do you have an impressive venue to enjoy, but also stunning views.

You can get a wet, damp, drizzly day in the UK on the driving range out of your head now!

Prices are impressively reasonable as well. They start from AED130 per bay for the first hour.

Topgolf Dubai price list

Prices are per bay for the first hour, you can top up extra hours and will be offered this towards the end of your first hour by an assistant.


11am-5pm: AED130

5pm-12am: AED180


11am-5pm: AED180

5pm-12am: AED220


9am-5pm: AED180

5am-2am: AED220


9am-5pm: AED180

5pm-12am: AED220

Things you should know about Topgolf Dubai

  • There are F&B options within the building from The Bunker*, which includes a indoor mini-golf course and a sports bar which is a perfect place to watch the game.

  • To witness a stunning sunset across Dubai Marina just to top off a great time at Topgolf, head down for around 5pm for a couple of hours.

  • Clubs and balls are provided and each bay receives table F&B service.

*The Bunker and lower level is only open at weekends.


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