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February 18, 2021 // My top 3 weekend adventure picks // United Arab Emirates

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Looking for a great UAE weekend adventure to do? Read and watch below for something to suit you...

In this week's adventure picks within the United Arab Emirates we hike to the best summit in the UAE at Khor Fakkan's Al Rabi Mountain, explore the mini forts of the Seven Summits trail and take an exhilarating cycle through Hatta.

1. Explore the Al Rabi Hiking Trail and discover wonderful views of the UAE's east coast

With the restrictions on international travel, the past few months have been a superb opportunity to discover what is on our doorstep in the United Arab Emirates and there is no doubting the Al Rabi Hiking Trail has become one of the most popular hikes to do within the country.

"I've lived in the UAE for 15 years and had never even heard about it..." is a comment I hear a lot... and if you haven't yet hiked to what I would call the UAE's best summit, then you should really plan a trip here.

It's the perfect hike in so many ways. You can drive to the start point car park in any car, no off-road adventures are required, and from there the paths are well laid out and signposted as you proceed to the summit. The views are stunning across the entire hike and the summit is a joy to reach, with its UAE flag standing proud.

It is a hike that is great for beginners, with just a base level of fitness required and once you have completed it, you'll have a real sense of accomplishment.

2. Discover the Seven Summits trail in Fujairah with the whole family

The Seven Summits trail in the Emirate of Fujairah is a delight. Overall, its a short walk that will take you around 40 minutes if you are not hanging about.

Go just around sunset and the views you get looking back along the trail with the mini forts in the foreground and the Hajar mountains in the background is a wonderful sight.

As you walk the trail, there are seven forts that sit atop the summits. Those seven forts were built by the Fujairah Tourism Authority to represent the seven Emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates.

This is a perfect day out for the family, and a classic in UAE walking trail.

3. Take an exhilarating cycling through the Hatta Mountains at Hatta Wadi Hub

For something a little more adventure based, renting a mountain bike from Hatta Wadi Hub and tackling the multitude of cycling tracks around the Hatta mountains is a superb day out.

This is an adventure that has the best of all worlds. The comfort of beginning and ending at Hatta Wadi Hub with all its amenities from washrooms, cafes and parking is the perfect base to start your adventure.

Once you are set up with a bike rental, helmet and have worked out the tracks you would like to explore from the information boards at Hatta Wadi Hub, it's just a case of setting about exploring.

The tracks are well signposted, well laid out and you will tackle all sorts of terrains including some areas where you race across water.

I hope you find an adventure for your weekend above, if not don't forget to scroll through my Blog here to find other amazing adventures in the United Arab Emirates.


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