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Adventure // Explore the Seven Summits trail in Fujairah // United Arab Emirates

A wonderful walk and a tribute to the seven Emirates that make up the UAE...

  • A very doable trail for everyone that takes around 45 minutes

  • 7 forts sit on each summit to mark the 7 Emirates

  • Parking available at the Flag Park at the start point

The Seven Summits trail in the Emirate of Fujairah is a wonderful little day out for keen walkers in the Emirates.

Within a 90-minute drive of Dubai, good parking facilities and views of the Hajar Mountains and the Gulf of Oman, this is a great spot for a touch of winter fresh air.

The Seven Summits trail is an initiative by the Fujairah Tourism Authority to not only provide a perfect area for some outdoor exercise, but also as a tribute to each of the Emirates in the UAE.

The trail begins with a gradual incline on a purpose built path that zig zags up to the first high point - it's not steep and there are seating areas for anyone who wants a rest.

At the top, you will reach the first summit and the first fort, which you will find on each of the seven summits you come to. You can enter the forts - they provide a nice little break from the breeze you find on the trail.

Whilst the forts are not officially named after each Emirate, they are there to represent the seven Emirates. At night, they are lit thanks to solar powered lights.

From the first summit and fort, you will walk east in the direction of the coast along the path that undulates from one summit and fort to the next.

In all directions, you will be greeted by some incredible views, especially with the forts lined up in the foreground and the Hajar mountains as the backdrop.

For me, timing your trip to the trail at sunset is the best time to visit. As the sun dips below the mountains, the light is exquisite.

Once you have come to the seventh and final fort, the track will take you back towards the Flag Park and parking along a path that runs along the bottom of the mountain.

The Seven Summits trail is a fabulous destination for a breath of fresh air without needed to really push yourself. It's simple, east and not too time consuming.

Likewise, for adventure seekers who love there running, this trail is the perfect location for some terrain jogging as you can do lap after lap around the track.

Finally, as the trail won't take up all of you day, you can visit nearby Khor Fakkan to continue your day of exploration where the public beach, Alkhor Kayak, Wadi Shees and Al Rabi Mountain are all located.

How to get to the Seven Summits trail

  • From the E611 take the E102 towards Kalba

  • Follow signs for Fujairah and Khor Fakkan at the fork

  • As you enter Fujairah City, you will see the Seven Summits trail on your right

  • Go straight at the lights and turn right at the signpost marked 'entrance'


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