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Equestrian // Exploring the Hajar Mountain foothills on horseback with Hatta Horses // UAE

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

We could all do with a relaxing couple of hours in 2020, Hatta Horses provides just that with a peaceful tour of Hatta's foothills

  • Wonderfully peaceful adventure

  • Explore the foothills of Hatta's Hajar Mountains

  • Arabian Horses provide a comfortable and easy ride

  • Cash payments only

  • Park at Wadi Hub to access Hatta Horses


It goes without saying that stress and anxiety levels around the globe in 2020 are at all time high as we all live through the Covid-19 pandemic. Even more reason then for a relaxing adventure with Hatta Horses.

Honestly, after the initial reacquainting myself with being on a horse, I felt more relaxed than I had in weeks, perhaps months.

Hatta Horses is the perfect tonic to a stressful year

Based next to Hatta Wadi Hub, Hatta Horses offers guided horseback tours in the foothills of Hatta’s Hajar Mountains, which themselves supply a wonderful backdrop as you calmly trot along.

You can book different length of tours from 30 minutes priced at AED50, an hour for AED100, 90 minutes for AED130 and 2 hours for AED200. The tours often happen in groups, depending how many bookings have been made.

To make a booking you need to call +971 (0) 5244 60322 and don't forget to take cash for payment. They won't accept cards.

Even though Hatta Horses operate next to Wadi Hub, they are essentially separate entities so you are unable to pay by card at the main Wadi Hub reception.

Exploring on your very own Arabian Horse

Allow me to introduce you to Shaheen...

At Hatta Horses you will be riding Arabian Horses. They are known for being well natured and eager to please, which, when you are a novice rider such as myself, is rather reassuring.

They are known for their excellence in endurance riding, often covering distances of more than 150 kilometres a day. An hour was just enough for me.

When either living in the UAE or visiting, it is a stunning way explore the local landscapes. The horse is a hugely important animal for the country and in many ways propelled the UAE into a global sporting conversation.

What with multiple high calibre victories at some of the world's most iconic race meetings, Dubai hosting the Dubai World Cup at Meydan each year and sports such as Endurance Racing and Polo regularly being staged across the UAE, you get an idea of just how equestrian focussed the country is.

The Hatta Horses Tour

I chose the hour-long tour, which was perfect. The tracks you follow are pretty well maintained so the ride is smooth for the most part. There are a couple of little uphill and downhill moments, which add to the adventure and even a little body of water to negotiate.

That part for me was the best moment, there is nothing like being sat on a horse that is splashing through water.

There is something about only having the sound of the horses trotting along and the mountainous landscape surrounding you, like a perfect antidote to 2020.

It's calming, I could genuinely feel myself relaxing more than I have done in a while. You don’t have to do much to keep your horse under control – they are pretty used to ferrying eager explorers around the tracks.

You’ll never be far from the guide who keeps you are the right path and along the way you will pass lakes, locals who are only too pleased to see you (give them a wave) and palm trees are plentiful.

Now is the time for a horse riding tour

Let’s be frank, 2020 has been immensely tough. Different reasons for different people and circumstances perhaps, but all under the same umbrella of a global pandemic.

Day by day, we all find a way to survive, try and be good to ourselves, try and stay healthy – both physically and mentally – and we all do our best to cope with something none of us were prepared for.

With all that in mind, we need to continually look for things that will be good for us. Give us a moment of serenity, a moment to switch off, a moment to remove ourselves from the daily stresses.

Taking a tour with Hatta Horses fits the bill superbly.

Hatta Horses Extra Tips:

It’s very much turn up and ride, so if you are inexperienced don’t be afraid to say so and ease yourself in.

For the best experience go for the longer routes.

Hatta Horses supply you with your helmet.

How to get to Hatta Horses:

*Hatta Wadi Hub is on Google Maps.

1. Take the E44 out of Dubai towards Hatta.

2. Turn onto the E611 heading towards Sharjah.

3. Turn onto the E102 heading towards Kalba/Eastern Region

4. Turn right towards Hatta at the junction after the Swowka junction. This road is currently being constructed so doesn’t have a name yet (but it is open) and expect some delays if you get stuck behind a slow truck.

5. Turn back onto the E44 and follow straight across Hatta's main roundabout.

6. Hatta Wadi up is on your right a little further up the road.

7. Park at Hatta Wadi Hub and walk to the left towards the stables.

+You can no longer drive the E44 all the way through from Dubai as the Oman stretch is now restricted to cargo traffic.


You will be in close proximity to the tour guide and also potential other customers so you should wear a mask.


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