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Cycling // Exhilarating tracks from Wadi Hub through the Hatta mountains // UAE

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Cycling through the Hajar mountains from Hatta's Wadi Hub is the perfect start to the day

  • Turn up and go with bike rentals

  • Easy to follow trails

  • Loads of facilities at start and finish at Hatta's Wadi Hub

  • Brilliant accommodation options for overnight stays

  • Wadi Hub set to re-open all activities on Thursday October 1st

I’m becoming a little obsessed with Hatta. Just over an hour’s drive from Dubai, it’s a thrill seeking little mountain town. It’s a world away from the bright lights of city life and the perfect destination to get outdoors and get some fresh air in the lungs.


On this adventure, I decided to explore Hatta whilst mountain biking by renting my bike and tackling some of the 52 kilometres of cycle trails that have been perfectly laid out around Hatta’s Al Hajar mountain range.

Rental of a bike is easy. You don’t need to book and prices range from AED65 – AED85 per hour depending on which size of bike you hire. If you have your own bike then you are free to take to the trails at no cost.

You’ll start at Wadi Hub, which is located on the E44 once you have passed through Hatta itself. The turn off is on the right shortly after the main roundabout in Hatta.

Here you’ll find a heap of activities and adventures to enjoy from plunge pools and slides, rope parks, axe-throwing, zorbing and more.

There are showers and toilets available and the café is open for refreshments. Wadi Hub opens at 6am daily.

The Bike Shop, which is easy to spot once you have parked, is where you’ll rent your bike. The staff are great and will help you out, explain the routes for you and get you on your way. When renting a bike, you’ll also be given a helmet.


Choose from loads of trails ranging from professional to easy

You’ll find a range of trails to choose from, from the most difficult black trails to the easiest green routes.

Make sure you have plenty of water in your backpack, and some food if you are going for a longer ride. You can pick up a phone signal all across the trails too so make sure your phone is changed incase you need to call for assistance.

The trails themselves are really exciting. You’ll discover different terrains, cross bridges, go through water, take in spectacular views and have plenty of uphill and downhill sections.

On the green route I did (Green 3) – there aren’t too many big climbs, but some nice short uphill parts. This route would actually be perfect to take the kids with you if you’re looking for a family day out.

All the trails are one-way so whichever trail you choose, make sure you follow them all the way around in the correct direction. If you turn back on yourself you will risk colliding with another cyclist following the trail.


Take in views of a wadi and the glorious Hatta mountains

You’ll find a brilliant example of a ‘wadi’ cycling from Wadi Hub. The word means a dried up river bed, and considering Hatta only gets on average of around 4 ½ inches of rain per year, wadi’s are pretty common. The mountains also offer superb views all around too.

Depending on the trail you take, you’ll also get some good views of Hatta’s equivalent of the Hollywood sign. You can see this from the car on your way to Wadi Hub so don’t be disappointed if you can’t spot it on your bike.

Cycling is a big sport in the UAE but it is road cycling that gets most of the attention. In the city of Dubai, purpose built cycling paths are dotted all over the place but for a real sense of adventure and to get exploring, the mountain town of Hatta is a perfect destination for a few hours on two wheels.

How to get to Hatta's Wadi Hub:

  • *Hatta Wadi Hub is available on Google Maps

  • Take the E44 out of Dubai towards Hatta.

  • Turn onto the E611 heading towards Sharjah.

  • Turn onto the E102 heading towards Kalba/Eastern Region

  • Turn right towards Hatta at the junction after the Swawka junction. This road is currently being constructed so doesn’t have a name yet (but it is open) and expect some delays if you get stuck behind a slow truck.

  • Turn back onto the E44 and follow through Hatta and straight at Hatta's main roundabout.

  • Hatta Wadi Hub is shortly after on your right.

+You can no longer drive the E44 all the way through from Dubai as the Oman stretch is now restricted to cargo traffic.

Recommended Supplies:

  • Take plenty of water, especially if you cycling in the hotter summer months.

  • Take snacks if you are going on a longer trail.

  • A fully charged phone Sports shorts and t-shirts will be best.

  • A towel to keep your face and hands free of sweat.


Make sure to carry a face covering with you for when you are at the Bike Shop, inside the cafe or around people within Wadi Hub.


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