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5 amazing adventures to do at Hatta Wadi Hub in 2020 // UAE

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

A base camp for adventure all across Hatta, Wadi Hub will keep the adrenaline levels pumping for kids and adults all day long...

  • Fun for the whole family

  • Pay individually for activities or save money on multiple activities with adventure bundles, prices below.

  • Horse riding, downhill mountain karting and mountain biking all a must do

  • Only a 90-minute drive from Dubai


Hatta Wadi Hub is a brilliant base camp style adventure destination nestled into the foothills of Hatta’s Hajar Mountains in the United Arab Emirates.

Packed with mini-adventures and exhilarating activities, it is a perfect day out for families, and adventure enthusiasts.

With multiple activities to do within Hatta Wadi Hub as well as it being the starting point for cycling and hiking trails, you will find yourself in an oasis of adventures suitable for everyone from a family day out to the more experienced explorers.

Located on the E44 once you have passed through the main town of Hatta, this United Arab Emirates exclave is around 130km from the city of Dubai, a 90-minute drive.

With so much to do at this thrill-seeking adventure spot, it can be a little difficult deciding what exactly you should make a priority, but don’t worry! I’ve done the hard yards for you.

Below are my top 5 Hatta Wadi Hub adventures to embark on.

Each activity has it’s own price, but you can also buy adventure bundles to save a little money if you are planning to do multiple adventures – you’ll find all the pricing options below.

5 amazing adventures to do at Hatta Wadi Hub:

1. The Drop In

AED 50 (kids) – AED 95 (adults)

*Kids prices are classed as 6 yrs to 16 yrs old whenever mentioned.

The Drop In is a super water slide facility that comprises of varying different slides that shoot you into a huge plunge pool.

It’s a brilliant way to cool off, or even wake up if you begin your day with this activity as you can reach speeds of up to 80km/h before being dropped into the irresistible pool of water – which looks stunning blue in the middle of the mountainous landscape.

2. Downhill Mountain Carting

AED 75

Negotiating the UAE’s Hajar Mountains can be done in many ways; hiking, cycling and even zip lines but here’s a brilliant way to get down quickly.

Hatta Wadi Hub’s Downhill Mountain Carting experience will see you get padded up and be driven to a high point on the mountains before you make your way down onboard your very own cart.

The carts don’t have engines, but don’t worry – you won’t need them! Gravity alone will be enough for you to get up to speed and so your job is to simply steer and manage your brakes.

The tracks are set up with tyres on either side, and some are placed in the middle so you need to slalom your way down.

*Note - If you want to do this experience you should contact Hatta Wadi Hub in advance to book a time as it can get very busy, especially at the weekends. Contact numbers are below.

3. Net Walkway

AED 10

Probably the simplest activity to do at Hatta Wadi Hub, but priced at just AED 10, there’s no reason not to jump on and bounce your way along the walkways.

Nicely elevated above the ground, you’ll be in a net corridor with various platforms to reach. You’ll find yourself bouncing around uncontrollably laughing, like I did in the above video!

4. Mountain Biking

AED 65 per hour upwards, depending on size of bike

With over 52km of mountain trails to explore, mountain biking is one of the exceptional adventures you can do from Hatta Wadi Hub.

Bike rentals are available for everyone from The Bike Shop, located within the main Wadi Hub complex and there are varying different level of tracks.

The green routes are the easiest and the black routes are for the super experienced.

This is a great way to find your inner adventurer, with a thrill-seeking ride up and down the Hajar Mountains.

Watch the full video guide to mountain biking in Hatta below:

5. Hatta Horses

AED 50 (30 minutes), AED 100 (one hour), AED 130 (90 minutes), AED 200 (two hours)

The wonderful part of a horseback tour is that you are exploring, the adventurer within you quickly comes to the forefront but at the same time you are completely relaxed.

Hatta Horses is based at the stables to the left of the main Wadi Hub complex and offers horseback tours through the foothills of the Hajar Mountains that range from 30 minutes to two hours.

If you are not an experienced rider, don’t worry. Hatta Horses use Arabian Horses which are known for their eager to please and well natured personalities.

I myself was a little nervous getting onboard my horse, named Shaheen, but very quickly relaxed and felt more chilled out than I had in months.

Doing this is the perfect antidote to a stressful 2020 for us all and you can watch the full adventure below:.

*Note: You have to pay cash to your guide at Hatta Horses so make sure you take cash with you. There is no ATM at Hatta Wadi Hub.

Other activities worth to considering at Hatta Wadi Hub:


AED 35 (kids) – AED 50 (adults)

A great way to practice your archery skills in a country that has represented the sport at the Olympics and World Championships.


AED 50

Why stop at archery when you can then try out your axe-throwing skills?


AED 95

A brilliant way to look across the entire Hatta Wadi Hub park. Perhaps do this at the start of your day to spot what other adventures you would love to do.

*Note - It’s worth calling in advance to check the Zipline is open as often it isn’t, in my experience.

Wall Climbing

AED 30 (kids) – AED 50 (adults)

Love your mountaineering but haven’t got the time to venture into the Hajar Mountains?

The wall climbing experience is the best of both worlds set in the backdrop of incredible mountain landscapes.

The Canon

AED 95

An exhilarating way to shoot across Hatta Wadi Hub as you are catapulted into the air at speeds of up to 90km/h.

Hatta Wadi Hub Adventure Bundle Price List:

Hatta Adventure Package

  • · Mountain Biking

  • · Archery

  • · Axe-Throwing

  • · Drop In Slide

  • · Wall Climbing

Adults - AED 250

Kids – AED 150

Hatta Action Pass

  • · Downhill Mountain Carting

  • · Zorbing

  • · Drop In Slide

  • · Archery

  • · Climbing Wall

Adults – AED 300

Kids – AED 100

Hatta Scenic Pass

  • · Hatta Hiking

  • · Hatta Horses

  • · Axe-Throwing

Adults – AED 180

Kids – AED 128

Hatta Wadi Hub Pass

  • · Archery

  • · Drop In Slide

  • · Axe-Throwing

  • · Zipline

  • · Downhill Mountain Carting

Adults – AED 300

Kids – AED 150

Hatta Fitness Pass

  • · Hiking

  • · Kayaking

  • · Climbing Wall

Adults – AED 150

Kids – AED 125

Other adventures in Hatta:

Hatta Kayak

Not strictly located at Hatta Wadi Hub, but only a few minutes drive away and well, if you are in Hatta, it would be a shame not to get on the water as part of your day or weekend.

Hatta Kayak is based at Hatta Dam and offers unlimited time on kayak rentals so you can enjoy this incredible body of water which sits perfectly within the Hajar Mountains.


Wadi Hub offers the perfect start and end point for a hike around the foothills of the Hajar Mountains.

You’ll have over 35kms of trails to explore safe in the knowledge that once you complete your hike, Hatta Wadi Hub has changing facilities, a café, restrooms and more.

The hiking trails range from easy to expert and Wadi Hub is a wash with maps, guides and all the information you need before you set off.

Contact information:

Wadi Hub Main Reception What's App: +971 (0)50 437 4237

Hatta Horses: +971 (0)52 446 0322

How to get to Hatta Wadi Hub:

*Hatta Wadi Hub is on Google Maps.

1. Take the E44 out of Dubai towards Hatta.

2. Turn onto the E611 heading towards Sharjah.

3. Turn onto the E102 heading towards Kalba/Eastern Region

4. Turn right towards Hatta at the junction after the Swawka junction. This road is currently being constructed so doesn’t have a name yet (but it is open) and expect some delays if you get stuck behind a slow truck.

5. Turn back onto the E44 and follow straight across Hatta's main roundabout.

6. Hatta Wadi up is on your right a little further up the road.

Covid-19 info:

A mask is mandatory when in public areas but can be removed if you are taking part in exercise activities such as mountain biking, hiking etc.


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