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BEN NEVIS: A COMPLETE GUIDE on how to hike to the summit (in a blizzard)!

BEN NEVIS: A COMPLETE GUIDE on how to hike to the summit (in a blizzard)!

Ever wanted to hike to the summit of Ben Nevis? Is it achievable for even a casual hiker? All the answers are in this full guide on hiking Ben Nevis, the UK's highest peak, at winter. The journey begins at Glasgow Queen Street railway station before travelling to Fort William and then hiking to the summit of the mountain including directions, tips, incredible scenery and blizzards. ------------------- HI! I'm Sports Travel Tom. If you liked this video I would love you to SUBSCRIBE and join my community on the following channels: Website: Instagram: @sportstraveltom TikTok: @sportstaveltom X: @sportstraveltom -------------------------- Other videos you may like: HOW TO HIKE TO THE HIGHEST PUBLIC POINT IN THE UAE: EDINBURGH'S BEST HIKE? AN EXACT GUIDE TO WALKING THE SEVEN HILLS OF EDINBURGH: CONQUER 5 PEAKS ALL IN ONE DAY ONLY 40 MINUTES FROM EDINBURGH: HIKE THE STUNNING HUDSON HIGHLANDS 90 MINUTES FROM MANHATTAN: ____________ Having recently relocated to Scotland, Ben Nevis was on the top of my list for my The Sports Explorer journey's and it didn't disappoint. I started my journey from Glasgow Queen Street, at this is the only main terminus direct trains depart from. There are 3 trains a day. The summit sits at a height of 4,411 feet and is not only the highest point in the United Kingdom, but also until you reach Norway. Thankfully, it is a fairly straightforward climb, with it's well laid out mountain path guiding hikers to the summit. You will start at the Glen Nevis Visitor Centre, where there is a gift shop and snacks and drinks to be bought. The Visitor Centre is a short taxi ride from Fort William. Once you are on the mountain trail, you'll head uphill in a southbound direction climbing out of the Glen. The path on this stretch is the steepest you will encounter. After around 2 hours, you will reach Lochen Meall, known as 'halfway lake', it is here the path offers it's only moment of flat walking so enjoy it! For the next phase, you will hike away from Lochen Meall and continue upwards before entering a switchback section. Whilst this is not the steepest section, it is tough going, especially in winter conditions. Finally, you will make a left turn and follow the path (and cairns) all the way to the summit - don't stray form the path as the summit is surrounded by deep gorges that would be deadly if you were to fall. As you pass the old Observatory and the emergency shelter, you will see the summit a few feet away. If you are to hike Ben Nevis in the winter, make sure you take plenty of supplies, and wear the correct clothing. The proper layers, water, a hot drink and food are all required. And whilst you may not need hiking polls going up the mountain, they are a great help coming down. Thank you for watching this latest video. The Sports Explorer channel is all about telling the story of our world through sport & adventure, so I hope you have fun on the mountain when you do the hike.